BDMP joining form with the English added in to help you along, but the committee will be more than happy to help you fill it in, if you would like.

Your PNC Form, hopefully this will help you navigate around the form, please read it through properly before you start filling it in. Some Force's are not using this and the BDMP has said that a copy of your FAC and the ok of the Chairman will be good enough to join.

Your Subject Access Rights
£10 fee.
The PNC form, it is worth pointing out that people should tick the "PNC Record" box in Section 3 and then go to Section 5. Probably worth giving some guidance as to what to put in Section 7, i.e.
Tick Other
In Other reason, add Application to international shooting association: BDMP - Germany

Joining form

£60 per annum
£60 per annum for individuals
Annual discounts for couples/families
Contact John Lynch for more information

Overseas support

Using the Spott