SLG Bisley sent 8 travellers to Leimar to join with Dietmar and entered teams in all events. February 2011

Dave "sick note" Harris had thankfully recovered from his bout of snottiness and the rest had clearly done him a power of good as he thumped in massive M1 scores to the envy of all. Underlever events were dominated by SLG Bisley entries.

The team once again travelled by land sea and air with the advance party arriving on Friday to get guns zeroed. Friday evening was spent driving around the local area looking for the Italian that the advance party had found last time and then forgotten where it was. It was never found and has now been reported missing to the authorities. Happily a restaurant of the same name appeared on skippy's sat nav and a wonderful meal followed. The Italian family that ran the restaurant were convinced that "slick note" was actually Italian and almost certainly Mafia - rest of the team jumped in to Dave's defence and agreed - definitely Mafia.

Andy "tea leaf" Jarman provided coffee, tea and sugar from his stash lifted from wherever he'd been over the last few months. A pattern of light fingers tendencies in Blackfriars Club members appears to be developing.

Saturday arrived and the team set to on on Underlever and M1 1500 PP1 NPA B and for M1 only PP2.

The 1500 for M1 has been modified as in the past it was not legal to put more than 5 rounds in the magazine for the M1. The timings are the same the for the .22 1500 but using 5 rounds in each magazine. To make up the extra rounds some additional shoots are put in: in match 2 and match 5 stage 2 there is an additional 5 rounds sitting before the usual kneeling and standing left and right shoulder. You also have the option with the M1 of shooting prone instead of kneeling. In match 3 the order is changed to sitting first before kneeling - as for the revolver 1500 competition. Match 4 is 15 rounds in 35 seconds shot twice i.e. 2 mag changes. The frantic 6 is a frantic 5 shot twice.

The air travellers arrived Sat lunchtime, narrowly missing a smash (about 15 feet) on the motorway, but getting to see a lovely pirouetting car as the snow had started to fall in Ernest.

Sat night was again spent at Anna's drinking Dietmar's cider and wine with some great food. The travellers presented Dietmar with a fine pair of Belgian chocolate breasts by way of thanks.


SLG Bisley once again took home a good share of the medals:

Dietmar Hoenersch and John Robinson won the team M1 1500
Dietmar Hoenersch , John Robinson, Dave Hackett and Steve Lamb won the team M1 PP1 and the team M1 NPA B
John Robinson and Dave Hackett won the team Underlever 1500, Steve Lamb and Andy Jarman came second and Dietmar Hoenersch and Andy Pain came third.
John Robinson, Dave Hackett, Steve Lamb and Andy Jarman won the Underlever PP1 and NPA B, with Dietmar Hoenersch Andy Pain, Dave Hariss and John Lynch in second place.

Dietmar Hoenersch won the High Master M1 1500, Master M1 NPA B, Expert M1 PP1 and Open M1 PP2
John Robinson won the Master M1 1500, was third in the Master M1 NPA B, second in the Underlever 1500 and Underlever NPA B
Dave Harris won the Master M1 1500 with a score (1474) that would have gained second place in High Master, second in the Master M1 NPA B and second in the Underlever PP1
Steve Lamb came third in the Master M1 1500, third in the Underlever 1500 and won the Underlever NPA B
Dave Hacket came second in the Master M1 PP1, won the Underlever 1500 and PP1
Andy Jarman was third in the Underlever NPA B

After prize giving the team went again to the Greek restaurant for another enjoyable end of trip meal.