SLG Bisley has run its 2nd 1500 + shorts events on the 28th September 2013

My personal thanks to all for helping out and raising money for SLG Bisley's SIG 226 which now lives in your own personal safe in Germany.

Alan Podevin, Steve Lamb, Dave Hackett, Josie Lamb, Dave Harris, Norman Brown,
Peter Cooper, LynneMarie Cooper, John Lynch, Charles Murton, Andrew Jarman,
Jacky Lamb, Sharon Bowden.

The day started early at 7.30 in the morning, 10 SLG members started setting up the front office and the food area. It all went well and Sharon did not blow a gasket this year..... I think everyone was very thankful.. Sharon had already set things into motion a few days before by emailing the team what they would be doing. That is the short reversion of what goes on in the back ground as anyone will tell you after they run a shoot. Sharon started cooking helped out by Josie all day. Food started at about 8am Bacon butty's, which then run into lunch time, covering burgers sausages, buns, chocolate cake, cookies and drinks….. Which run in to the BBQ or evening meal for all those that stayed for prize giving or the sleep over in the Spott for SLG Bisley members, which again was a first in that 26 people stayed out of the 38 shooters that we had this time. I do think Steve was out there too and Lynnemarie in side… sensible young lady. Sorry if I forgot anyone else that was helping out. Food finished at 9pm with cakes and treats. A long day just on the cooking side….

Happily the weather was good for most of the day, as Jacky was working on the front office outside in the open, giving out and score cards… Great job on the raffle tickets Jackie, I understand we Raised £160 that should help with a 9mm mag or two.

On range in the morning all was set up and ready to go by 8.20 leaving time for a bacon butty and coffee to start the day. The 1500 was fully sold out and only a few T&P3s left.. Thanks again to Peter and crew for all your hard work. I would also like to say thanks to my crew, as in a 8 hour shooting day we got though 20 details of PP1 and MT.
Not too happy about the start of my day bad man you know who you are.

Notes for the day, well done to Matthew Peppitt PP1 300 26X with Iron sights.

Peter Watts for getting the only, 120 in MT centre-fire of the day.

Jeff Taylor for shooting 1487 in centre-fire 1500... Yes I here you say, so what... he WAS in D class.

Lots of running around for all in the day, except Charles Murton as he only shot and sat around on his but all day Jacky said i could not say ass in that sentence………… "O" sorry he did stat's. Thanks :)

After a long day's shooting we all went off to prize giving and some 35 prizes on the table.

1st Place in the raffle Sue Cotton .... Spotting scope.


For those that knew Olivia we held a minutes silence, a person that will be greatly missed in the shooting world, RIP.