Meeting Report - SLG Bisley Open Gallery Rifle & Pistol, 18 September 2015

Each year since 2012, SLG Bisley (insert reference to Club Call article) run an open Gallery Rifle and Pistol shoot on Melville.

The events we offered this year were 1500, Timed & Precision 1, Timed & Precision 3, Multi-Target and Advancing Target.

For the benefit of those who don't know these events, they involve various combinations of different target types, exposure times and distances from 10 to 50 metres. Timed & Precision 3 is shot with either Long Barrelled Pistol (.22) or Long Barrelled Revolver (usually either .38 or .44); the other events can be shot with these or with semi-auto rifles (.22) or lever-action rifles (.38 or .44 again). Most of these events are shot in classes with shooters' national classifications being applied.

We charge 10 for each 1500 event; all the others are 6 each. This year, 47 competitors entered 232 events between them. The catering we provided outside the range - sausages, burgers, bacon, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, tea & coffee) was just as popular as the shooting. The most popular element of all, though, is the unusual way we do our prizegiving. We spend the year collecting a huge variety of different things to put on the prize table, most of them donated by club members.

Some of these are really useful pieces of shooting kit (ear defenders, toolkits, gun bags, etc.), some are more generally useful (booze, chocolates) and some may be more comedy value depending on who picks them up. The 2015 prize table had 84 prizes on it.

We don't just give these out to the event winners, though. Instead we give out raffle tickets - 3 for each 1st place, 2 for each 2nd and 1 for each 3rd. Once all the raffle tickets have been issued, we hold a prize draw - so anyone with at least one raffle ticket has a chance of going away with a decent prize, while someone with lots of raffle tickets could still go away with little or nothing. Prizes are drawn randomly too so you have no idea what you're going to end up with.

This has the disadvantage of taking quite a while to get through the prizegiving - but the advantage that everyone enjoys it thoroughly! We hold the prizegiving at the Spott clubhouse. Once it's finished, we retire to the kitchen for the "feast" - usually a choice of curry, chilli, stew or similar - and for a drink or two.

All competitors are welcome to stay for this and most do often until very late in the evening The next SLG Bisley Open Meeting will be on 17 September 2016.

We're making a slight change to the format in that we're dropping the Timed & Precision 3 events and replacing them with the increasingly popular "1020". If you're a Gallery Rifle & Pistol shooter, particularly if you're new to Bisley competition and would like to start with a small friendly shoot, then we hope to see you there!

Charles Murton SLG Bisley Deputy Chairman (and stats officer!)The well-stacked prize table; match results are being read out by yours truly.

Picture 1: Eager shooters queueing for registration.

Picture 2: A Long Barrelled Revolver in action in the 1500 match.


Picture 3: Registration and catering ably managed by (left to right) Jacky Lamb (Club Treasurer), Sharon Bowden (Club Secretary) and Sara Taket.