Club Call - SLG Bisley(by Charles Murton, Deputy Chairman)

We're a rather unusual shooting club. Our main aim is the promotion of international Gallery Rifle and Pistol shooting so most of our club shooting is actually done overseas - mainly in Germany and Ireland but this year our members have also competed in Jersey, Austria and Sweden.

Our home base at Bisley is the Spott clubhouse. The first question most people ask us is what the "SLG" stands for. The answer is "Schießsportleistungsgruppen", which translates roughly as "shooting performance group". This comes about because the club was formed, in 2005, as a section within the German "Bund der Militär und Polizeischützen", the BDMP. A group of us had been to a few competitions in Germany and were keen to do more of this - especially as it gave us the opportunity to shoot "proper" pistols.

Many of the competitions run by the BDMP are only open to BDMP members so we decided to join and form our own UK-based SLG. Earlier this year we obtained full Home Office Approval and affiliated to the NRA.

SLG Bisleyhas just over 30 members - this may not seem a lot but almost all of us are very active, travelling overseas to shoot several times a year. We also have German members who support us in Europe and come to various Bisley shoots throughout the year. Naturally our UK members also shoot regularly in the Gallery Rifle and Pistol competitions at Bisley and around the country. Since 2012 we've been raising money for the club by running the annual SLG Bisley Open competition each September at Bisley. These funds have enabled us to buy our own gun safe, guns (rifles and pistols), ammo and accessories most of which are kept in Germany at the range where we normally shoot.

This is in the small village of Leitmar near the town of Marsberg; the nearest big city is Dortmund. It's a 6+ hour drive from Calais, so popping over every weekend isn't an option! It's difficult for us to practice in the UK for overseas competitions involving "proper" pistols but we do the best we can with Long Barrelled Pistols and Long Barrelled Revolvers. Also, if we're going to an overseas pistol competition we usually try to arrive a day or two early so we can practice out there. In spite of this, we usually don't do badly in the competitions.

Out of the 22 GB shooters who attended the World Association 1500 Police Pistol Championships in Sweden in August, 20 were SLG Bisley members. The medal haul was surprisingly impressive and in the International Match GB managed to beat several nations who can practice at home … imagine what we could achieve if we could do that …

Anyone wanting to join SLG Bisley needs to be sponsored by one of our existing members. If you're interested in finding out more about us but don't know any existing members, your best bet is to come along to our Open Competition on Melville the next one's on Saturday 17 September 2016 and have a chat to us there, there will also be a BBQ after the shoot so there will be plenty of time.

The SLG Bisley medal haul from the BDMP / Jersey / UK match in Jersey in August. Back row left to right: Alan Podevin, John Robinson, Doug Green, Charles Murton. Front row: Matt Peppitt, Lynnmarie Cooper, Peter Cooper

SLG Bisley teams taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Marksman class revolver team match in World Championships in Sweden. Left to right: Peter Cooper, Lynnmarie Cooper, Steve Lamb, Doug Green, Ken Williams, Andy Wiggins